You're at an amusement park with your significant other when suddenly, a group of scary looking guys who you swear are mobsters circle around you and start hitting on your date. What do you do? Do you risk being completely annihilated by these intimidating men and try to knock them out first, or do you try to take a more passive approach and hope they'll leave you two be? This is the kind of scenario many Japanese men believe to be their chance at proving to their "damsel in distresses" that they're strong and courageous enough to protect them under any circumstance. If they can ward off a group of gangbangers or even the mob, surely their girlfriends will fall head over heels for them all over again.

But realistically speaking, this isn't the kind of situation anyone would actually want to find themselves in. That's why, at Osaka's oldest amusement park Hirakata Park, there will be a new type of flash mob service offering guests the opportunity to experience one of 4 out-of-the-ordinary life situations that will make anyone feel like the protagonist of a hit movie.

The service begins May 13th, and those interested can pick from 4 different scenarios:

♦︎ Ward off sleazy thugs hitting on your SO!
♦︎ Defuse a time-triggered bomb and save the city!
♦︎ Someone comes crashing into you and you switch bodies! Is this the beginning of true love?
♦︎ Save a dying patient even the doctor has give up on... with your rare blood type!

Source: Hirakata Park

Different from what most of us might imagine when we think of flash mobs, this interactive service is more like a fun, overly dramatic prank to pull on your friends, family, and partner visiting the park with you. Only the extremely gullible will actually believe that these scenarios haven't been planned out beforehand, and the majority of the pranked will soon figure out that the whole facility has come together just to surprise them.

Source: Hirakata Park

Those interested in experiencing any of these dramatic situations (and possibly impressing a special someone in the process) can apply for a time slot via the Hirakata Park website. The service is offered only on weekends in the months of May and June, and it'll definitely make for an extra fun event in addition to the park's roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and other attractions.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.