Knowing how to use a treadmill is more or less self-explanatory, but that doesn't change the fact that many of us have admittedly been super confused when working out on one for the first time. That might be what running wheels are like for our beloved critters, so we really can't blame Japanese Twitter user @ippeikino's hedgehog for being adorably confused when it decided to try and make use of the wheel.

Although it initially looked like the hedgehog was going for a little run, it's soon clear that it either found a more entertaining way of using it, or that it didn't have any idea how to use it at all. So instead of getting some much-needed exercise, it decided to just swing back and forth on the wheel.

No one said this was the wrong way of utilizing a running wheel, though, and as long as this cute hedgehog can lead a healthy life, we may as well just let it swing around on its supposed workout equipment.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.