There isn't a cute or quirky item that Japanese "adventurous" bookstore and oddity shop Village Vanguard has said no to selling, but there recent interest in feline-themed releases should be good news for cat lovers. In the past year they've drummed up a lot of interest with their bubbly kitty paw glasses, cat-shaped geta sandals. and even a human pet house for people who want to be cats.

Their latest offering is one both fans of cats and strangely enough, anglerfish, will love as well. Stretching cats and swimming anglerfish that let you burn incense in place of their tail and illicium!

The series is called the "Chibi Chibi Katori Senko Stand". The stands are intended to be used with katori senko, usually referred to as "mosquito coils" or "mosquito repellent incense". It's traditionally burned during the summer (when mosquitoes are flying in full force) and comes in a variety of scents and is toxin free. Given the coiled and curved nature of katori senko, it fits perfectly in the stand as the curling tail of a cat!

The cat model is available in two colors.

Not to ignore our underwater friends, makers seemed to have noticed that katori senko can also mimic the shape of the anglerfish's illicium.

Village Vanguard sells the Chibi Chibi Katori Senko Stand on its online shop for 540 yen, but unfortunately only ship domestically in Japan. The series does appear to be available on Amazon, however, so overseas collectors may want to try there.

By - Big Neko.