Like many creative artists, Japanese designer Keiko Otsuhata has a sense of humor. She writes in an article for Daily Portal Z that while one day thinking seriously about pigeons, came up with a silly pun--"Hato Heel". "Hato" means "pigeon" in Japanese, so her pun translates to "pigeon-heels". Despite thinking the idea as a pun was pretty weak, she thought seriously about what a pair of pigeon-heels might look like, and decided that she wanted to transform a pair of heels into pigeon heels--to wear pigeons, get close to them, and become popular with pigeons. So that's exactly what she did.

Applying her designer skills, she took a cheap pair of heels and whipped up a feathered Frankenstein's monster of felt and glue to bring her pigeon-heels concept to life. The result? A surprisingly realistic looking pair of pigeons to camouflage her feet in during her attempts to fit in with her feathered friends. Satisfied with her creation, she headed to Ueon Park in Tokyo to try and see if she could get close to a group of pigeons without being noticed. As you can see, the pigeons are a bit suspicious at first, but Otsuhata was able to make her way into the flock and actually sit very close to them without any problems!

Otsuhata sells similarly creative trinkets and accessories on her crafts and goods site as well!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.