We can all agree that getting a mailbox full of unwanted flyers and newsletters is pretty annoying, but most people probably aren't as actively aggressive as this cat when it comes to refusing junk mail. Acting as a furry guardian of the snail mail, Japanese Twitter user @Siriushukuhku's cat loves to stick its little paw out from the mail slot and filter out the spam.

Only with this kitty, most mail is deemed "junk mail."

Our cat apparently refused to accept postcards delivered to us by the mailman.

It's not certain what this cute cat regards as junk, but according to the video, it looks like postcards are unacceptable too. Anyone who has to send some to this household might benefit from delivering some cat treats along with it.

@Siriushukuhku also shared that while the cat might look like it's waiting for the mailman inside a tiny, enclosed space, the slot leads directly to a room with a cardboard box for letters, postcards, and the like (although the cat usually sits on top of it all).

Bottom line is, we would all love for an adorable cat to guard our mailbox.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.