One thing Japan is known for is horror, whether it's blood-curdling folktales or good old scary movies like Ju-On and the Ring. Manga isn't devoid of a horror genre either, with perhaps one of the most prominent works being Tomie by renowned manga artist Junji Ito.

Tomie is a breathtaking yet evil woman who manipulates men and women to become insanely jealous, murderous creatures, eternally destroying the lives of those around her. Her hypnotizing appeal has caught the interest of not only the other characters in the series, but also artists worldwide. One such artist is Korean tattoo artist Suzani of Bad Hands Tattoo Works, who is widely known for her Japan horror and Tomie-inspired works. At times also depicting the Mambi mask used in Noh theater, she paints hauntingly beautiful tattoos on human canvases.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.