Eiko Mori is a food coordinator and a great cook.

In particular, her "Patterned Toast" is being much talked about on SNS.

"Wow, I've never thought of decorating things like this!"

Let's check some of her wonderful patterned creations. First up is sprinkle of salmon pieces and rice balls.

The base of it is sour cream. What appears to be salmon skin is actually made of black sesame cream. The salmon flesh is made of strawberry jam.

The rendition is so real, you can almost taste the salmon in your mouth.

Next up: shaved ice!

This is achieved by crumbling a sponge cake and sprinkling syrup on it.

There's also strawberry jam and peanut cream in it.

Now let's try a warmer dish: shrimp fries, anyone?

The baked part of the sponge cake is used to make the fried look.

Although it looks crunchy, when you bite it, it's soft and sweet.

How about a fruit pattern?

No real fruits are used in the making of this pattern. The seeds of kiwifruits are sesame, by the way.

Real surprise is the bread-patterned toast:

Toast bread is drawn using peanut cream, and inside it is custard cream. Egg yolk is expressed using mango sauce.

It would probably make you feel like as if you ate so many pieces of bread.

Eiko has at-home cooking classes regularly. In addition to "patterned toasts", she teaches many other types of baking, like cookies and scones.

Check out her website, blog and Instagram for more!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.