It's very common for regions of Japan to have their pride for local specialties showcased, in both limited edition food and decoration. When those regions take matters into their own hands, however, the result tends to be a bit more creative and charming. For a recent and cutting edge example of this, look no further than Seki City in Gifu prefecture. Seki holds a famous history of crafting fine Japanese swords and cutlery, and now the city is boasting that history in the form of katana ice cream.

According to Katana Ice, the concept was originally drawn up and submitted by local high school students, and the city and local Japanese confectionery makers, and even sword smiths worked together to bring the idea to life. While the sword's handle is plastic, the guard consists of a chocolate-covered cookie. The blades are available in two flavors--red bean paste and Japanese yuzu citrus. Outside of the katana aesthetic, these are being advertised as "ice cream that does not melt"--each blade is coated in kuzu strach, which delays (but does not entirely prevent) the melting process.

The katana ice cream, called "Nihonto Aisu" (日本刀アイス), or "Japanese Sword Ice Cream", are currently being sold in Seki, and with the growing popularity are likely to be available at a number of vendors soon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.