One of Japan's most popular anime-themed pop-up shops is back, with the Sailor Moon Cafe 2017 officially opening up at four different locations in the country. While previous iterations of the cafe have featured Sailor Moon themed food and drink, the 2017 edition offers perhaps the most distinct and character driven menu yet, with a colorful menu sure to satisfy fans of the popular animated series.

While the shop is once again a limited-time offer, the restaurant is worth a trip to sample at the wide variety of Sailor Moon-themed food, drink, and desserts--as well as take home memorabilia.


Luna and Artemis Good Friends Burger

Tuxedo Mask's Jet Black Curry (Garnished with Rose Petals)

Usagi's Sleepy Head Croissant Sandwich


Silver Millennium Pancakes (A Couple's Eternal Love)

The Legendary Grail! Rainbow Moon Chalice Parfait

Sailor Mercury's Bubble Spray Cheesecake

Sailor Mars' Mandala Anmitsu

Sailor Venus’ Love Me-Chain Waffles

Sailor Jupiter's Supreme Cream Puff Thunder


Chibi Moon's Strawberry Milk Smoothie

Sailor Moon's Mango Cream Smoothie

Luna P Cotton Candy Soda

Haruka and Michiru's Forbidden Smoothie

The menu also features a personal knapsack (which can store bread) and a Sailor Moon Cafe 2017 tumbler to take home, as well as a variety of goods that can be purchased at the cafe as well. The cafe is reservation only, and like many pop-up cafes, features a cover charge (650 yen). In exchange for the hassle, customers will receive one of three collectible posters, exclusive to the cafe, at random. One luncheon mat with similar art is also awarded to customers. The posters and luncheon mats can be seen here.

Four locations in Japan will open up, running from different dates. Tokyo: September 22nd to October 29th, Osaka: September 28th to November 5th, and Nagoya: September 29th to November 5th. A cafe in Fukuoka will also open, but the dates it runs have yet to be decided. Reservations are necessary to visit either cafe, and can be made here. Address and access information can be found under the "Information" tab for each corresponding cafe.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.