Sailor Moon, who fans know will never turn down a bite of something delicious, will no doubt approve of the kawaii cafe themed after her and the iconic series. Located in Tokyo's Q-Pot Cafe in Kita-Aoyama, the Sailor Moon Cafe is delivering a limited time mouthwatering (and not to mention Instagram-worthy) experience to Sailor Scouts in the city.

To make things more exciting, there are two rounds of featured desserts available during the first and second half of the cafe’s opening months. The first coveted dessert plate available until July 25th is the Sweet Crisis Moon Cake, a sweet and tart strawberry shortcake shaped like Sailor Moon’s Crisis Moon Compact. Served on a moon-shaped plate which customers can take home as a souvenir, it will be accompanied by a refreshing drink that also comes with the set.

It isn't just the dessert plates that come with a free take-home item, as the variety of drinks and parfaits also come with their own original coasters. From the refreshing Twinkle Parfait to the Kaleido Moon Soda, no guest who places an order at the cafe will leave empty handed.

Those looking to wind down with a boozy beverage can also get the specially made Dead Moons Amazon Cocktail, a creamy yet fruity concoction inspired by the Amazon Trio.

Even Pegasus gets a dessert made after him — the Sweet Melty Dream Mirror Plate, a berrylicious tiramisu-type cake filled with strawberry cream and mascarpone mousse!

The second round of desserts will be available from July 26th, and will include the featured Phantom Silver Crystal Tart (which also comes with the plate), as well as the Sucre de Rêve Cake made after the Stallion Rêve.

In order to alleviate long lines, those interested in spending time at the Sailor Moon cafe will either have to make reservations beforehand, or buy a ticket on the day of their visit. There is also a Sailor Moon-themed gift shop inside, so splurging on exclusive Sailor Scout goodies should be expected when making a trip.

Q-Pot Cafe×Sailor Moon

Address: 3-10-2 Kita-Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo
Hours: 11:30AM〜7:30PM

By - grape Japan editorial staff.