At the most recent Tokyo Motor Show last month, visitors who stopped by the Suzuki booth were captivated not only by the new lineup of cars but also by the cute promotional models. One of them, Saori Yamashita, particularly caught people's attention by re-creating the Suzuki "S" logo with her fingers.

source: @torinikusaorin

With her attractive looks, her charming smile and her cute hand sign, it was not long before most Japanese media representative in attendance wanted to take her picture. Soon, LINE news, Yahoo News, and numerous online magazines were covering her and her cute pose.

Here are some more pictures of Yamashita posing for the cameras at the booth, courtesy of her Twitter account:

She also showed off an alternate version which you can make with a helping hand:

In fact, having more people participate in the "S" sign movement is something Yamashita is really excited about. So much so that she created her own "how to" video and posted it on her Twitter account:

In addition to being a beautiful promotional model making appearances at events like Tokyo Motor Show, Yamashita is an idol in the group Girls☆ (read "Girls Star"). Still a trainee, she unfortunately doesn't make an appearance in the group's music video for their eponymous first single, but hopefully she will join the rank of the full-fledged members in the near future.

According to her profile page, she was born in Australia, but was educated in Japan from junior high school. In Japanese university, she studied social work with a specialization in disability. Her birthday is November 26, and her favorite food is chicken, if you hadn't already guessed it from her Twitter account name.

If you'd like to keep track of her modeling and other activities, please follow her Twitter account and if you're interested in her idol activities, her account on the live streaming entertainment platform ShowRoom.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.