Fans of Studio Ghibli's animated movie My Neighbour Totoro will know, nothing looks comfier than Totoro's big fat, fluffy belly when Mei falls asleep on him.

Finally, we too can recreate this scene as Totoro-style beds are for sale on Chinese site Taobao, as well as other online stores such as Amazon.

However, this is not official Studio Ghibli merchandise so some sites avoid using the name 'Totoro'. Japanese news site You Pouch note with some amusement that Taobao have chosen to call this item a 'Chinchilla Bed', despite it obviously being inspired by Totoro. That's one way to avoid a lawsuit.

Totoro or chinchilla, the bed is still adorable and looks super comfy. You can even get a matching one for your pet.

So next time you settle down to watch a Studio Ghibli film, think how much comfier you would be if you were on Totoro's belly. Sorry, I mean a chinchilla belly...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.