One Michelin Star Ramen: Nakiryu in Tokyo

Brian tries out the hot ramen shop of the moment: Nakiryu which just got rewarded with one Michelin Star!

The Second Michelin Ramen

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In Tokyo, there are 12 restaurants with three Michelin stars, 54 restaurants with two stars, and 160 restaurants with one. Nakiryu is actually the second ramen shop in Tokyo to receive a Michelin star, as just one year previously the ramen shop Tsuta also received one Michelin star. (The first ramen shop in the world to be starred by Michelin was in Hong Kong in 2011, with one Michelin star). Somewhat incredibly, both Michelin starred ramen shops are mere minutes from each other, found in Otsuka in northern Tokyo. Perhaps a noodle god resides in the area, blessing restaurants with his noodly appendage, like a Japanese flying spaghetti monster.

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But what about the price? Surely a Michelin starred restaurant costs an arm and a leg? Actually, Nakiryu is priced like most other ramen shops, with most bowls of ramen costing under ¥1000. They serve traditional flavours such as shoyu (soy sauce) and shio (salt), but they are best known for their tantan noodles. Nakiryu serves a normal and extra spicy version, so choose wisely.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

While popular ramen shops can often have lines up to an hour long, the Michelin star has only helped make the line for Nakiryu longer. If you want to eat at Nakiryu, make sure you are prepared for a long wait outside. Perhaps do some light reading to build up your appetite, such as Ramen adventures’ Ramen guidebook or read more articles on our website?

Check out the video on the top for the full review of the shop!


Name: Nakiryu
Address: Tokyo-to, Toshima-ku, Minamiotsuka 2-34-4
Hours: 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. (lunch); 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. (dinner Wed – Sun)
Closed Tuesdays

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