Whether it's creating a Giant Ultima Weapon Fork from Final Fantasy or having seven armor-clad samurai show off extreme sports skills, Nissin Cup Noodles never shies away from flexing their creative muscle when it comes to creating ad campaigns for their popular Cup Noodles brand. So when it came to making a commercial for their new "Hungry Days" campaign, a promotion centered around the theme of youth, they took everyone's favorite witch from Studio Ghibli's Kiki’s Delivery Service and fast forwarded to the golden days of her youth as a 17-year-old in high school in a beautifully animated short.

Studio Ghibli diehards may lament the change in art style, but the new TV spot sacrifices some of the nostalgic charm of the original animated film for a modernized aesthetic, in which Kiki and her friend Tombo (who has ditched his flying machine blueprints and become head of his school's Drone Club) attend a high school in modern-day Yokohama. Kiki works part-time at a bakery and of course is keeping busy with her delivery service. In matching the "youthful days" theme associated with the campaign, the commercial presents a whirlwind of nostalgic school day imagery in Japan.

While experiencing their commute, festivals, and study time together, Kiki notices another classmate confessing her love for Tombo. Jealous, Kiki ends the commercial wondering if her emotions can reach Tombo, and tells him that she has a "delivery" for him, saying that she loves him.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.