Spring is not only famous for sakura in Japan, it's also the season for hanami, picnicking under the beautiful blooming cherry trees with coworkers, family or friends. Since such sakura-viewing parties invariably involve alcohol, brands like Asahi have come out with versions of their most popular beers like Asahi Super Dry with specially decorated sakura-themed cans.

However, Asahi also happens to be the distributor for Jack Daniel's whisky in Japan, and this year, they've decided to bring some of the sakura-celebrating mood to the top-selling American whisky from Tennessee with a limited Japan-exclusive "Black Sakura" edition.

Source: (C) PR Times

The elegant "Jack Daniels Black Sakura Design Box 2018" adds a distinctive sakura-petal motif against the brand's signature black background, making a unique and very collectible item.

Source: (C) PR Times

In case you were wondering, the special edition only pertains to the unique box which contains a standard bottle of Jack Daniel's.

This is the first time that Jack Daniel's has created special edition box exclusive to the Japanese market and it indicates their eagerness to appeal to younger Japanese adults who are increasingly interested in drinking whisky. According to the press release. the "Back Sakura" box builds on their "It's Jack" initiative designed to increase their brand recognition in Japan, which began with their "Jack Daniel's Experience 2017 Japan" event which toured all 47 prefectures of the country from May to December. The "Jack Daniels Black Sakura Design Box 2018" is the brand's first campaign in the initiative in 2018.

The Japan-exclusive Jack Daniel's is currently available in supermarkets, liquor shops and other outlets selling alcohol throughout Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.