To arrive at the correct location, you must first find the right exit out of Shinjuku station, a feat which many people view as an escape game in itself. Tokyo Mystery Circus is a shiny new building dedicated to escape game rooms, located in Kabukicho by the east exit of the station.

Despite the installation of a cinema and other family friendly attractions, the once infamous Kabukicho red light district's rebranding hasn't quite took off. There’s just enough of a seedy atmosphere left to set the scene before you enter Tokyo Mystery Circus.

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The entrance hall is decked out like a circus, true to its name, and staff clad in ringmaster gear add to the fantastical atmosphere. Out of the games running at the moment, three can be played in English.

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English Language Escape Puzzles in Tokyo

One game is perfect for those who wish they got a Hogwarts letter when they turned 11. 'The Spellbound Supper' demands you use not only logic but magic too, to solve the puzzles and escape the evil witch’s spell within one hour.

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The game uses projection mapping and motion detectors to create awesome special effects, allowing your magic to have an effect on what happens on the table. Sadly, if you don’t complete the witch’s courses in time you will be turned into a mouse!

For those who want a taster of what an escape game entails without pledging a big chunk of their day, 'Escape from the Prison' gives you only ten minutes to solve the game.

You’ve been falsely imprisoned, but a chance to escape will arrive in the form of a blackout. Your puzzle-solving skills will be tested in a frantic break for freedom.

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The third game is more action packed than its counterparts, proving there is an escape game for everyone. 'The Secret Agent' is a real life stealth game where you need to avoid being shot at by the guards while sneaking around your enemy's base.

When puzzling your way through the games, it's important to get brain food. The first floor has a cafe where we purchased pancakes to try to keep us alert between games.

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Tokyo Mystery Circus Open For Business in Shinjuku

Tokyo Mystery Circus is another offering from pioneering escape game company, SCRAP. They are the originators of the first ever real life escape game and are now making efforts to make many of their puzzles in Tokyo available in English. The website provides information on the game schedules and the maximum amount of people that can play each game. You can book advance tickets online cheaper than on the door tickets.

Tokyo Mystery Circus games are a perfect rainy day activity for tourists or a testing team building activity for friends. Just keep a cool head so you don't get turned into a mouse or imprisoned for life! I'm currently typing this on a tiny mouse computer that I've had smuggled into my cell.

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How to Get There

Tokyo Mystery Circus English Website

Address: 160-0021 Tokyo, Shinjuku, Kabukicho 1-27

Walking distance from Shinjuku station (east exit)

By - Jess.