Ah, matcha, that concentrated essence of green tea, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Healthy, invigorating, satisfying, and so good with desserts...

Matcha mania is still in full swing. We've heard about double-concentrated matcha Kit Kats, and the world's most concentrated green tea ice cream at the gelato shop Nanaya.

Now, from the D-Matcha company in Kyoto, comes a new contender to satisfy the most demanding of matcha maniacs.

Perfect for the Valentine's Day season, this sampler of matcha chocolates called "Matcha Choco Tabekurabe Set" contains not one, but five different varieties running the spectrum of intensities, beginning with the most modest 3% concentration, and running up to the extreme level of 24% concentration. As far as chocolates are concerned, they are surely the world's most intense, as their press release describes them: "At this point, it's like eating pure matcha."

Using matcha fabricated from the prized Okumidori cultivar of green tea which represents only 3% of all green tea produced in Japan, these chocolates are of the finest quality.

You can buy them in boxes of 6 pieces at 800 JPY or 12 pieces at 1,500 JPY.

Let's take a closer look at the varieties:

  • 3%: Vivid matcha color, it leaves a hint of matcha taste in your mouth.
  • 6%: Standard matcha chocolate, a perfect balance of chocolate and matcha.
  • 12%: Color like concentrated green tea. You can taste the rich bitterness of matcha.
  • 18%: Matcha lovers will drool. You'll taste intense matcha flavor with the first bite.
  • 24%: One bite is equivalent to a full mug of matcha tea. The intensity is like eating pure matcha.
  • Hojicha: Fragrant roasted hojicha. A favorite with all ages.

D-matcha painstakingly grows its own tea in Wazuka, Kyoto, one of the top Uji tea-producing regions in the world. They run their own cafe and store where they sell products featuring their prized crop.

You can visit their website here to find out more about their address, opening hours and find a link to their online shop where they'll begin selling their "Matcha Choco Tabekurabe Set" from February.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.