While Starbucks Japan has become somewhat synonymous with their seasonal and holiday themed Frappuccinos, such as the recently released Halloween Red Masquerade and Christmas Cake flavors, but occasionally region exclusive varieties are released as well. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Starbucks in Kyoto and Hyogo prefecture this November, two new region-inspired flavors are being added:

The Kyoto exclusive Frapp is called the "Kyoto Erai Matcha Matcha Frappuccino" (Kyoto Great Matcha Matcha Frappuccino). Kyoto is often celebrated as the mecca of the matcha world in Japan, known for its abundance and history of high quality green tea production. The use of matcha goes beyond that obvious connection, however, and is actually in part because the beverage is inspired by Saihoji, also known as Kokedera or "The Moss Temple". The temple is one of Kyoto's Unesco World Heritage Sites, and gained its nickname for roughly 120 types of moss that cover its lush and gorgeous garden.

The new Kyoto-inspired matcha Frappuccino's color scream of white and green (matcha and whipped cream) is also a reference to the stone garden of Ryoanji Temple, and dark matcha and mocha powder is inspired by autumn leaf colors. No milk is used to deliver a 100% rich matcha flavor.

The Hyogo offering is called the "Hyogo Bari Chocolate Haitto Chocolate Frappuccino" (Hyogo Super Chocolate Frappuccino--"haitto" is Hyogo dialect for "haitteru" or "with/containing"). The inspiration for the drink comes from Kobe Port, which opened in 1868 and became a gateway to an influx of sweets from abroad. Chocolate whipped cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, and dark mocha powder top a chocolate base for a winter chocolate extravaganza of a drink.

The Hyogo Bari Chocolate Haitto Chocolate Frappuccino will be available at 54 different Starbucks locations in Hyogo, and the Kyoto Erai Matcha Matcha Frappuccino will be available at 33 different Starbucks locations in Kyoto from November 12th to November 21st.

By - Big Neko.