Cat Flip: The World's First iPhone Case That Protects Your Phone When It Drops

It's the same sad scenario everywhere. You get a new iPhone, and just a few days later, for whatever reason, you drop it and now the screen is full of cracks...

Buying a case with a protective cover helps but even they aren't foolproof. Depending on what type it is and how you're holding it and, there's still a chance it could fall on its screen when it drops too. If only there was a way to make sure that your phone NEVER hits the floor screen-side down...

Well, now there is! Taking a hint from cats' amazing ability to flip in mid-air so that they always land on their feet, the innovative folks at Suncrest Co., Ltd. in Higashi-Osaka City, who have developed films and manufactured and sold accessories for portable equipment for over 30 years, "succeeded in developing Cat Flip, a completely new iPhone case equipped with a unique flapping technology that automatically protects your iPhone by closing its lid when it drops," thus "protecting your precious phone." The case has been tested for drops of up to 150 cm (nearly 5 feet). Already at over 200% of their funding goal on their Kickstarter page, it looks like Cat Flip will be landing on the doorsteps of its backers very soon.

Not only does it incorporate their "Flapping" technology which achieves the desired effect, it also has a pocket to hold cards. The case is magnet-free, so it won't damage stored cards and it won't interfere with radio waves or wireless communications, so you can feel at ease when you use it. It's also compatible with wireless charging.

Here are some more details of its composition and design (Please note that the final design may change):

The case will come in navy or red and will be compatible with iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6. The material used is soft lamb leather, giving it "a chic and cool impression."

Inventor and product designer Mr. Hatanaka, representing the company that cooperated with Suncrest to develop the Cat Flip:

Project representative and Suncrest CEO, Mr. Minoru Ueda, demonstrating the Cat Flip in action:

If you'd like your own Cat Flip, visit their Kickstarter page here.

Although the case has an expected retail price of 5,000 JPY, the available rewards begin at 4,000 JPY at the time of writing.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.