It's sometimes hard to believe that gachapon, or blind buy capsule toy machines, in Japan have something you can't buy. Nowadays the machines seem to offer just about everything from figures of the public drunks you find around Tokyo train stations to luxury hotel stays and fancy dinners.

Usually there's a reasonable link between the price you pay and the return you get. Twitter user Pinatsu (@pnuts2872ykr) recently shared how that's not always the case, however.

Pinatsu recently tried their hand at a capsule toy machine, a blind buy type where you have no idea what you're getting in return, for a measly 200 yen ($1.56 USD at the time of writing). Needless to say they were surprised when they turned the dial and saw what came out:

Source: @pnuts2872ykr

"This is crazy, with 200 yet I hit the jackpot."

What came out of the 200-yen try capsule toy machine was an iPhone 6! How does that end up in a capsule toy machine?

Well, Pinatsu quickly found out. The home button on the iPhone was broken. However, Pinatsu couldn't let the big win go to wait and decided to buy some tools and parts and repair the phone themselves! While they obviously had to spend a little extra to make the phone operational, getting the base device for just 200 yen and at a complete blind buy has to be considered quite the deal!

Many on Twitter were stunned that such capsule toy machine prizes exist, and this episode probably has quite a few thinking that it may be worth it to pass up machines where the prize is known for random ones such as this!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.