The matcha craze sweeping overseas has made green tea incarnations of every type a success with tourists in Japan. Matcha Kit Kats, Matcha Frappucinos, we can’t get enough of these Japan-only products that expertly mix bitter green tea with sweet treats.

But a tea house named Itohkyuemon, located in the historical city of Uji in Kyoto, is offering a green tea concoction which could be a bridge too far.

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Specialising in Uji tea, which is mainly grown in that area, the historical teashop proports to give a Japanese tea culture experience. Who knew this would entail the intriguing combination of Uji green tea and Curry Udon. It contains all the toppings of a usual curry udon, including egg, green onions and fish cakes.

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But don’t think this green creation can be slurped up by just anyone. Firstly, it’s limited to their branch in front of JR Uji station. Secondly, the dish is limited to only 20 servings each day within a limited time frame between 11am and 3pm. If you want to sample this interesting combo of flavours you’ll have to be committed.

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This isn't the first time they've flirted with green tea curry, another limited edition item from the past was green tea curry and rice.

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If you’re too weak of a disposition to handle the shock to the senses that I assume green tea curry is, it seems this tea shop also has a charming array of green tea desserts with beautiful presentation and naturally, their famous Uji tea.

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They even had their own collaboration with Kit Kat for an Uji tea version.

These sorts of taste experiments aren't for everyone, but for the green tea enthusiast, Itohkyuemon tea house could be a great stop off in Kyoto.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.