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Get This Awesome Final Fantasy Moogle Speaker in Japanese Game Centres

If you have a knack for UFO catcher games, this moogle could soon be blasting your favourite tunes on his horn.

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Crane games or claw machines are known in Japan as ‘UFO catchers’. Depending on your skill level you can get cool, exclusive items on the cheap, or end up pouring in coin after coin in a desperate bid for merchandise you will never possess (and you probably could have just bought for far less money and stress).

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The online game Final Fantasy 14 has been releasing limited edition merchandise which, sadly for fans all over the world, you can only get your hands on if you grab it out of a crane game at a Taito or Sega arcade in Japan.

In the past it was the highly coveted Tonberry Lamp that was exclusive to game centres and sat tantalisingly behind the glass.

This time around it's the Moogle Speaker. Apart from just being adorable, it has an audio jack so it can actually play music from the horn. The pom poms also light up, giving the item a second use as a lamp. There are two different varieties, one with a red pom pom above its head and one with a blue one.

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Arcade games in general are dangerous for the wallet, but when the prize is exclusive merchandise like this you may be compelled to take the risk!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.