Twitter user Right Click (@Migi_c) lives with three very energetic parakeets (perhaps a bit redundant to say), and the trio are very interested in Right Click's video game playing--sometimes a bit too interested.

Sometimes instead of blocking their gaming, the frisky feathered friends like to join in on the fun. One in particular, Kofuku, even helps Right Click out. Right Click has taken up playing Fit Boxing on the Nintendo Switch as a means of getting in shape, but whenever they play the game, Kofuku decides to act as their personal trainer--while also getting their own work out in!

Every time Right Click throws a punch, Kofuku (who's perched right below the Switch screen) performs a birdy sit-up, moving in unison with each jab or straight. Having a joyful parakeet join in on work out sessions is definitely an adorable motivator to get in shape, and the two other parakeets even seem to be cheering them on in the background.

Although they don't seem that big on exercise themselves.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.