In an agricultural area of Japan, economic losses due to animals damaging crops was rising at an alarming rate. So farmers did the sensible thing and recruited a Super Monster Wolf robot to keep the animals at bay.

The city of Kisarazu in Chiba prefecture reported that economic losses had more than quadrupled in four years, from 5 million yen in 2012 to 22 million in 2016. The overwhelming culprit was wild boars.

It seemed that these arrogant, modern day wild boars had grown impervious to traditional methods, and these Chiba farmers had to step their scarecrow game up. The result is a collaboration between Hokkaido University, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Ohta Seiki manufacturing company and machine parts developers in Naie, Hokkaido.

Source: Sankei News

They created a robot wolf which is 50 cm tall and 65 cm long. The legs are made of metal pipes and its constantly agape jaws have bared fangs. The eyes light up in a flaming effect and it's safe to say the way its head moves is terrifying. The robot's sensor sets off a loud noise such as a bark or howl when an animal is unlucky enough to stumble upon this monstrosity, these sounds can reach a maximum of 90 decibels. The name will strike terror into any crop-stealing wild boar: Super Monster Wolf.

Here’s a delightful video showing the Super Monster Wolf Robot terrifying several different types of animal. Turns out monkeys and bears are just wimps after all when faced with a Super Monster Wolf.

It seems like even the jobs of scarecrows are threatened by automation these days!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.