Even with a lot of hard work and precision, even successful farming doesn't always go according to plan. Those "mistakes" can sometimes be a surprise delight for those who grow vegetables, however, with charming ugly duckling tomatoes Japan's viral sexy daikon raddish being some unintended results.

Kumamoto-based carrot farmer Shitou Farms (@shitofarm) experienced that phenomenon recently, and was so surprised they had to take to Twitter to share a type of carrot they hadn't seen in their decade of farming. Here's the "mutant" carrot Shitou Farms discovered while washing their batch:

"A discovery while washing my carrots! I've been a carrot farmer for 10 years and this is the first time I've seen something this incredible!"

The result looks like a gigantic carrot flattened out into a triangle! Many on Twitter compared the crepe to a carrot, with it appearing that the orange body stuffed with leaves and stems. It just goes to show you that farming is full of surprises. People in the replies had fun with their impressions of what the deformed carrot looked like to them:

"It looks like a big nose with a lot of nose-hair."

"It's a vegetable crepe!"

"You could make merchandise out of this."

"It looks like Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story!"

By - Big Neko.