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Largest Pokemon Center in Japan Tokyo DX in Nihonbashi

The largest Pokemon Center in Japan yet, dubbed Pokemon Center Tokyo DX (the DX stands for deluxe), recently opened in the Takashimaya department store in Nihonbashi.

The megastore is adjacent to the permanent Pokemon Cafe, and of course, the store is overflowing with all the poke-merchandise you’ve ever dreamed of and more.

The Largest Pokemon Center Yet

If you arrive at the main building of Takashimaya, the first floor has been Pika-fied with some awesome displays, like the slightly surreal pack of Pikachus floating away out of a giant shopping bag for some reason.

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After finding your way to the Pokemon Center through the department store labyrinth, be prepared to take a trip down memory lane as the entrance has a history wall which even includes a display of every Pikachu card.

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You can also take a photo with an oversized snorlax chilling with his Pikachu and Mew friends. It shows the date and time at the base to commemorate your pilgrimage to this, the most deluxe of Pokemon settings.

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Biggest Collection of Pokemon Merchandise in Tokyo

Pikachu collectors who’ve just gotta catch ‘em all can expect to take another hit to their wallet, because as usual there’s an exclusive Pikachu plush toy to pick up. For Pokemon Center DX it’s the ‘Hakama Pikachu’.

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The real life elusive Hakama Pikachu even makes appearances from time to time along with the suave 'Gentleman Pikachu'.

Pokemon Center Touchscreen Pokedex

A cool high-tech addition is the multi-language touch screen Pokedex. An updated edition of the version that becomes indispensable to Ash’s adventures, although this one isn't handheld. After choosing your language you can scroll through the Pokemon types which are represented as colourful, blazing spheres. Then you can scroll through all the Pokemon ever of that type, reading their stats, weaknesses and other information.

As you say goodbye to the most deluxe Pokemon experience of your life, there’s more photo opportunities on the way out, against the backdrop of a wall jampacked with our favourite Pocket Monsters.

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If you're visiting Japan, it's pretty much the law to go to a Pokemon Centre so why not go to the largest and most deluxe one of them all?

How to Get There

2 minute walk from Nihonbashi station

Address: Tokyo, Chuo, Nihombashi 2-11-2, Nihombashi Takashimaya S.C. East Building (5th Floor)

Pokemon Center DX Website

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