Although you’re most likely to see Japanese instruments such as the shamisen at a festival or traditional performance, their potential for adding a whole new dimension to modern day tunes shouldn’t be underestimated.

Every so often, a clip involving a talented player taking on a well loved track with their traditional instrument will go viral, bringing the beauty and versatility of these instruments to the fore.

For example, this trio giving a fresh take on Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson gave a whole new generation a reason to dust off the old koto.

A Shamisen Final Fantasy Battle Theme Cover

In this latest viral hit, a skilled player of the shamisen, @shamio6, plays a cover of the battle music played in Final Fantasy 7. The nostalgic tune gripped Twitter users who were quick to proclaim how awesome this cover is. The shamisen is a three-stringed traditional Japanese instrument.

He’s also uploaded a rendition of a song from Monster Hunter World.

It's Not Just Video Game Music That Gets a Traditional Makeover

While most of his covers are of game music or vocaloid songs, there’s also a particularly interesting cover song on the instrumentalist's Twitter. The shamisen version of the Family Mart jingle you hear when you enter the convenience store.

Just when you thought convenience store jingles couldn’t get any catchier.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.