When we have to go outside to throw out the trash early in the morning, most of us don't exactly try to make a fashion statement. However, one city government official in Kochi City seems to have been so careless about the way he looked that he skipped clothing altogether.

Arrested for indecent exposure

According to Kyodo News, on Monday, April 16th, a manager in the Property Policy Division of Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, was arrested for indecent exposure because he was walking in the streets entirely in the buff. Admitting to the charge, the man said that he was taking out the trash, adding: "it was too much trouble to put on clothes."

A police stakeout to confirm eyewitness reports

The man is suspected of leaving his apartment in his birthday suit at 6:20 AM and walking down the street in the direction of the trash collection spot. Responding to eyewitness reports which began coming in several months prior to the incident that "around 6:30 in the morning, there is a man walking in the streets completely naked," Kochi City Police staked out his apartment and directly confirmed the indecent exposure.

According to city officials, the man was "very serious-minded and never caused any problems."

Reactions to the incident on Twitter ranged from mild amusement to derision. For example:

---"This idiot doesn't realize that being a nudist in your own home is OK but that you can't go outside like that? And he's a manager! | City official arrested on suspicion of taking out trash fully naked, Kochi City, 'Too much trouble to put on clothes.'"

---"About that "suspect throwing out trash" public indecency incident in Kochi. Apparently police had received eyewitness reports that there was a guy walking naked in the streets at around 6:30 AM, so they staked him out and 'confirmed' it... | 'Dispatch, I have confirmation. Affirmative. He's not wearing pants. Full commando. He's skipping happily... Can I shoot him?'"

In Japan, public nudity is only allowed in very limited cases such as public baths. Unfortunately for this city official, taking out the morning trash is not one of them...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.