‘Hey world! This is Japan’s shiba inu!’

This photographer’s rallying cry was heard all over the Twittersphere as she uploaded the photos of her dog surrounded by nemophila flowers. Shiba inu have become such an iconic symbol of Japan that it seems fair to use such a tagline.

The photographer, ISSY-RIDER (@ISSYRIDER), is based in Tsukuba in Ibaraki prefecture. Not the most famous of prefectures, but probably most known for the stunning Hitachi Seaside Park. The huge space incorporates the unique natural features of the area including sand dunes, forests, grasslands and springs. This diversity helps the park stay in bloom for most of the year. Tourists flock to the Hitachi Seaside Park to enjoy row upon row of seasonal flowers, as far as the eye can see, getting the ultimate romantic background for their Instagram pics.

At the moment, nemophilas are the flora providing that all important Instagrammable-ness at the park. What better model than Japan’s beloved icon, the shiba inu?


This pupper has got some looks, from unrestrained joy to quiet contemplation. Nothing brings out the beauty of nemophilas more than an adorable dog against a baby blue wash backdrop.



Don't worry though, although it looks like the dog traipsed through the flowers to sit pretty in the middle of them all, it's just the angle of the photo, he's actually sitting on the path.


The photographer and her beloved dog take us through other seasons too, showing the world the full beauty of Japan’s nature via social media.

Even if you find it hard to get excited about flowers you have to admit that Hitachi Seaside Park really go all out, creating a beautiful scene that anyone can enjoy. But, if that's not enough for you, surely an adorable shiba dog will bring you around?

For more of ISSY-RIDER's dog adventure photography check her Instagram and Twitter! If you can't get enough shibe, read about Japan's mini shiba inu dog cafe!

By - Jess.