Why visit Japan in fall?

Although mild temperatures may be a good reason to travel to Japan in fall, many visitors plan their visit during this season because there are so many beautiful scenic spots to view the leafy canopy of trees change into yellows, reds and all colors in between.

Japanese maple leaves, in particular, are cherished for their crimson color and their small, elegant shape. Moreover, since fall foliage and the enjoyment of viewing it -- known as koyo (紅葉 literally "red leaves") -- has long been cherished in Japanese culture and art, many traditional inns, temples, and other buildings are designed with consideration to their natural surroundings, which results in an abundance of opportunities to enjoy the fall colors within the limits of major cities, not to mention parks and forests easily accessible by public transportation.

Best places in Japan to view autumn leaves

We've listed some of the best places for you to enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn in Japan, and the usual forecasts for the best fall foliage viewing:


Forecast: early November to early December

Surely one of the top spots for viewing autumn leaves in Japan, Kyoto not only has temples like Kiyomizudera to enjoy in fall but also the famous Arashiyama sightseeing course:

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Forecast: late November to early December

Tokyo, the most popular tourist destination in Japan, also happens to have an astonishing variety of parks and scenic spots to enjoy the beautiful colors of fall. From the bright yellows of the ginko trees in Shinjuku Gyoen park or the beautiful crimson colors of Hibiya Park, Tokyo is a wonderful place for koyo.

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Forecast: late October to early November

Daisen Mountain in Tottori Prefecture is a treasure trove of fall foliage viewing spots waiting for you to discover.

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Forecast: mid to late November

Korankei Valley, in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture has 4,000 maple trees offering a splendid view.

Leaves Of 4,000 Maple Trees Turn A Gorgeous Crimson At Aichi’s Kōrankei Valley

By - Ben K.