One look at the Twitter and Instagram of Taishi Arimura will show you that the Tokyo-based graphic designer has a witty and creative style of art. When he's not depicting Mt. Fuji as sukiyaki noodles or giving us a double-take worthy contrast of Japanese city and country life, Arimura is working away at a series that combines samurai spirit and delicious appeal with "noodles who fight"--or bushido warriors crafted out of noodles!

Arimura makes use of Japan's famously realistic and delicious Japanese food samples and transforms their styrofoam packaging into impressively detailed replication of traditional samurai armor.  With layered and detailed crafting, even the innocuous packaging of Nissin Cup Noodle and Donbei comes across as imposing armor, and each feudal noodle warrior brandishes fork and chopsticks as they head into what is sure to be a battle filled with slurping.

Take a look at these quirky but awesome noodle warriors and be sure to follow Arimura on Twitter and Instagram for more interesting artwork!

By - Big Neko.