Despite the scorching heat, there is one particular characteristic of Japanese summer which is worth celebrating. During this time of year you can see dramatically beautiful and colourful sunsets.

This stunning photo was taken outside Yoshida Shrine in Kyoto by a university student, surprisingly on a smartphone.

Source: chai_kyoto

She uploaded the photo with the caption, 'without thinking I stopped and took this.'

The breathtaking photo gained over 81,000 retweets and over 406,000 likes, with many replies agreeing that the sky is so striking that anyone would have stopped to capture the moment.

The looming torii gate gives the photo a definite sense of place and many commenters compared the scene to 'Your Name', the popular animated movie.

This serendipitous scene just proves you should always have your smartphone at the ready, just in case nature does something cool on your way home!

By - Jess.