Pet owners know very well that when it's time to sit down for dinner, they may be getting some extra attention from uninvited dinner guests.

Japanese Twitter user RENKO (@__RENKO__) got that and more when they were enjoying their dinner and felt multiple sets of eyes honing in on them. When they looked up to confirm their suspicions, they were greeted by what some on Twitter are calling an adorable recreation of The Shining.

Source: @__RENKO__

In the adorable but admittedly somewhat startling photo, RENKO's three pets (two cats and a dog) can't help but pawing at and peering through a door to watch her eat, and probably hope to grab some scraps as well.

The photo looks like a scene right out of a cartoon, and delighted many on Twitter to the tune of 150,000 likes, likely from pet owners who know that creepy but cute feeling all too well.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.