Japanese social media channels can be an adventurous source for DIY projects, whether it be revealing a $3 rusty knife to be a high quality piece of Japanese cutlery or turning Thomas the Tank Engine into a Mad Max-esque apocalyptic death machine. Japanese Twitter user and DIY tinkerer @FRISK_P, however, stands out for not only crafting their gear with an incredibly cool and detailed steampunk aesthetic, but also complete functionality! While FRISK_P creates a variety of marvelous contraptions bring the world of science fiction and steampunk to life, it's the artist's take on out-of-this-world working wrist watches that is turning heads everywhere.

With a self-professed motive of "making wrist watches that nobody else does", FRISK_P accomplishes just that with a trio of time-telling hardware that could be transferred seamlessly into any given steampunk realm. Three standouts include an "Automata Wrist Watch" that actually writes time with an ink and quill set, a propeller hologram watch, and a striking Vacuum Fluorescent Display watch. Here they are with videos showing their functionality, which need to be seen to be believed.

Source: @FRISK_P

As you can see in the video, the device uses a micro-computer and battery powered robot arms equipped with a quill to not only write the current time, but also erase it from the display as needed.

Source: @FRISK_P

Also battery powered, the propeller wrist watch makes use of a deconstructed USB fan clock (removing the ventilation feature), bento box straps, booster circuit, a collar, and urethane mat from the 100 yen store.

Source: @FRISK_P

Originally mounted on a cat (who couldn't make much use of it), the VFD wrist watch is a bit too bulky so FRISK_P eventually made a stand to mount it on. The watch is constructed from a VFD tube kit, Arduino board, USB charger, and cat collars fastened into a belt with a wire cage.

Of course, when you are as talented as FRISK_P, you don't need to limit yourselves to wrist watches. The artist has also hand-crafted a variety of steampunk devices, including a steampunk cat tank, amplifier, raygun, and keyboard!

Here's the keyboard in action.

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By - Big Neko.