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We Interviewed YuNi, A Rising VTuber Who Aims To Be The World’s Top Virtual Singer

Updated: Aug. 29th, 2018

Aiming to be the world's top virtual singer

Ever since she made her debut on May 30th, 2018, Virtual YouTuber and singer YuNi has created a sensation, thanks to her adorable looks, designed by illustrator Ren Sakuragi, her beautiful singing voice, her remarkable range of expression and the frequency of her updates on her YouTube channel, averaging three music videos a week since she began on June 14th. As she states on her account, YuNi's aim is none other than becoming the world's top virtual singer.

Created as a collaboration between Activ8 Inc., the company behind top Vtuber Kizuna AI, and Candee Inc., a company specializing in advertising production, video production and talent management, YuNi has the pedigree to pull it off. Only a month after releasing her first video on her YouTube channel, she had already won over 50,000 subscribers, and barely a month later, as announced in a just-released press release, that number has more than doubled, rocketing past the important 100,000 subscriber milestone.

YuNi has already wowed audiences both in Japan and abroad, showing she is just as comfortable singing anime song classics, songs from the latest popular series, challenging fast-paced Vocaloid songs and gentle ballads, and even songs in English. Moreover, it turns out that her unicorn friend can also sing, allowing YuNi to perform duets!

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Live Broadcasts

YuNi had her first live broadcast on July 29th.

Her second live broadcast was on August 26th.

Interview With YuNi

YuNi's star is rising, and thanks to the efforts of volunteer translators, her fan base is now expanding beyond Japanese borders. Thankfully, we managed to arrange an interview with YuNi so we could learn more about the talented virtual singer on the eve of her first live broadcast.

Note: Our interview was conducted on the eve of YuNi's first live broadcast, and some of the information may now be out of date.

  • grape Japan (gJ): You’ve already passed 51,000 subscribers on YouTube! Do you have a subscriber number goal you’ve set for yourself?
  • YuNi: Um…It’s ten billion!
  • gJ: Your costume is very cute. Could you tell us what the concept is and how it’s reflected in the design?
  • YuNi: The design symbolizes dreams, hopes and world peace… Actually. that has nothing to do with it! I’m sorry… lol I was going for something that blended kawaii with matureness. What do you think? :D
  • gJ: Will we see costume variations in the future?
  • YuNi: I’d like to have some more variety but … A scary adult told me that it all depends on how much support I get from my fans!!

With permission from © Candee Inc. / © Ren Sakuragi

  • gJ: Does your name YuNi and its spelling have a particular meaning?
  • YuNi: Yes, my name contains the meanings: “Unison,” “Unique” and “YoU aNd I”
  • gJ: Your Twitter account suddenly appeared (you were born?) on May 30th, but how old are you, in fact? The collar of your outfit looks like a sailor uniform, so are you a high school girl? Could you tell us if there’s any other information in your profile like where you’re from or your hobbies?
  • YuNi: It’s rude to ask a girl about her age!! A girl has no age!! My birthday is October 1st. Everything else about me is surrounded in mystery. To tell the truth, I don’t even know myself…
  • gJ: You introduced Unicorn as “a special friend” on your channel. Is that just a name or is your friend really a unicorn? And what was the inspiration for the design?
  • YuNi: Yes, we’re talking the unicorn of legend! As for the design, I bought Unicorn in Shangri-La, so I don’t know anything else. But I can say that Unicorn is very cute!
  • gJ: Your fans were surprised to hear Unicorn sing in a very handsome-sounding voice in the video for Uchiage Hanabi. Does Unicorn also intend to become a virtual singer like you?
  • YuNi: Actually, there are many unicorns. This just happened to be one like that, but I really don’t know too much. They each have their own personalities, I’m sure…
  • gJ: You sing a wide range of songs: old and new anime songs, Vocaloid songs, even classics from the Showa Era. Do you have any criteria for choosing which songs to sing?
  • YuNi: I sing songs which I like, songs which I enjoy singing and songs which allow me to express new facets of my personality. I want you to see various sides of YuNi!
  • gJ: Among your over 50,000 subscribers, do you have fans from outside Japan? How do you communicate with them?
  • YuNi: When I receive comments in English, I do my best to reply in English! Otherwise, Professor Twitter can translate for me, so I check the content and like those tweets!
  • gJ: In the description text of your video for “Violet Snow,” you wrote that you’re bad at English, but your pronunciation was quite good! Are you studying English? Do you intend singing more songs in English for your international fans?
  • YuNi: All I did was learn the song by ear. But since I want to become an international diva, I’d like to work on my English from now on. Which English songs would you like me to sing? Please tell me!
  • gJ: I know your fans are looking forward to your first live broadcast on July 29th. What are you planning for the big day? (If you can talk about it)
  • YuNi: Since I haven’t talked to everyone yet, I want to chat about all kinds of things! And of course, I hope you’ll listen to me sing!
  • gJ: You joined the virtual talent support project Upd8. What’s the advantage of being a member for you?
  • YuNi: I’d like to make friends with other Vtubers! We’re all alone when we start out…
  • gJ: Will you ever perform together with one of your Vtuber friends in Upd8?
  • YuNi: I’D LOVE TO !!!!!!!!!!!
  • gJ: What songs are you planning on singing for us in your live broadcast? Will you be doing another duet with Unicorn?
  • YuNi: You’ll just have to find out on the 29th ♡
  • gJ: Do you plan on doing a real-world performance with a live broadcast?
  • YuNi: One day, I’d like to do that. One day. yes, I will !!!!
  • gJ: Will you be unveiling an original song in your live broadcast?
  • YuNi: It would be great if I could sing one of my own songs one day…
  • gJ: Do you have plans to expand your range of activities beyond singing, appearing in talk or variety shows, for example?
  • YuNi: Oh, I’d love to do that!!! I want to be on a TV show!!
  • gJ: What dreams do you have for your future?
  • YuNi: I want to go on a concert tour of the United States. That’s something I decided on from the beginning.
  • gJ: Thanks for answering our questions! Is there something you’d like to say to our grape Japan readers?
  • YuNi: I really would like to make many friends with people abroad. So, don’t worry about the language barrier. Please come to my channel and have fun! I’m waiting to meet all of you!!

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By - Ben K.