Japan is a great country to visit. However, if you're a vegetarian you might have a hard time finding vegetarian food there. In Japan, the concept of being vegetarian is quite different. Most people in Japan think vegetarians don't eat livestock but eat seafood, which makes it harder to find real vegetarian, let alone vegan, food.


Unlike other restaurants in Kyoto or even the rest of Japan, Mumokuteki Cafe in Kyoto attempts to introduce vegetarian diets and even high-quality vegan dishes to the general public. None of the dishes contain any meat, eggs, milk, purified sugar, or artificial seasonings. To ensure the quality of the dishes, the vegetables and ingredients come from Mumokuteki Farm. The video shows how miso is made from scratch in Mumokuteki Farm.


When opening the menu, you will be surprised at the number and types of dishes the restaurant provides. One of the most popular dishes is the Tofu Burger Set, a burger made of tofu patty topped with organic tomatoes lettuce, mayonnaise, and teriyaki sauce. If you are vegetarian, you should definitely visit the restaurant when you are in the Kyoto area!

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Mumokuteki Cafe

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