In June this year, Osaka suffered a 6.1 magnitude earthquake and later that month southwestern Japan was hit with torrential rain which caused flooding and landslides. Emergency services and relief efforts at the time were swift but a month later there is still work to be done.

In order to raise extra funds for the areas, Kit Kat are releasing a coveted version of the iconic chocolate bar, the momiji manju flavour. These aren’t a new creation, but previously were only available to buy in Hiroshima. For the purpose of raising money for disaster relief, they will be available nationwide for the first time. A box of these mini Kitkats will be sold for 160 yen (not including tax). For each box sold 10 yen will be donated to relief efforts in the disaster struck areas.

Source: Nestle

Momiji manju is a traditional Japanese sweet from Hiroshima prefecture. Sweet red beans are wrapped in dough and then baked, and they usually come shaped like Japanese maple leaves. Kit Kat even collaborated with the originators of the momiji manju, Takatsudo who created these treats way back in 1906. The Kit Kat version of the sweet is covered in momiji manju flavoured white chocolate and red bean powder is sandwiched between the wafers.

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It’s not the first time Kit Kat have released special snacks to help with charitable causes. In 2016 they sold Kumamoto tea flavour snacks in aid of the Kumamoto earthquake relief efforts.

If you would like to donate to the western Japan landslide and flooding relief here are some English-friendly sites where you can do so.

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