Japanese cosplayer wows with awesome horror film costumes from It and Child's Play

Anime and video games have always been two major pillars of cosplaying, but given the level of special effects and makeup detail that go into making standout horror films, we've started to see more and more attention to the frightful corner of cosplay. Japanese cosplayer and horror film enthusiast Calcium sets the bar high in that category.

On her Twitter she writes that in cosplay, she wants to transform to the point where people can't even recognize who is underneath, and she definitely accomplishes that with a high quality costumes and incredibly detailed makeup. Her most popular transformation so far seems to be Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King's It.

Cameraman: Sakufry

Her take on the eternal entity from the 2017 film adaptation might have you believing the fear-devouring clown is actually walking among us and taking selfies!

Cameraman: Enusan

While her mainstay seems to be Pennywise, she collaborates with talented cameramen and other cosplayers for horror-themed photoshoots (including Nightmare Before Christmas and Child's Play cosplays. Below, we've selected just a few standout shots that are bound to impress you, and perhaps even show up in your nightmares. For even more awesome work by Calcium, be sure to follow on Instagram and Twitter!

Jack Skellington: Sakiel


By - Big Neko.