Although often associated with the nostalgic tastes of childhood in Japan, sweets and snacks maker Morinaga has never been afraid to shake up their lineup, going so far as to offer maple syrup pancake hot springs. Recently they released a conveniently packaged set of pudding and ice cream bars with the flavor of perhaps their most well-known product, their popular pancake mix.

Morinaga's latest release, a new squeezable pancake mix in a bag is turning heads on Japanese Twitter with pancake fans excited to revolutionize the breakfast game and cut back on dish-washing at the same time.

The "Momi Momi Hot Cake Mix" (Massage Pancake Mix) provides a simple solution to quickly whipping up a batch of pancakes while requiring a far less demanding cleanup. Each pouch comes filled with the required amount of Morinaga's popular pancake mix, and all you need to do is pour milk and eggs (measuring lines are labeled within the bag)--with no whisking required. Simply seal the bag and squeeze or massage the bag for roughly a minute and a half, then you pour out the contents and get to cooking.

This short video will show you how easy the process it is.

Step by step:

All you need are milk and eggs

A measuring line shows how much milk to pour into the bag

Crack and egg, pour it in, then massage the bag

Then just pour into the frying pan


The massageable pancake mix squeeze bags were developed in a response to a survey of 600 customers Morinaga put out, which revealed that while many enjoyed pancakes, found the cleanup process to be too bothersome. The item was officially released on August 21st in Japan and is available at various prices throughout the country at supermarkets.

By - Big Neko.