If you're no familiar with Miffy, she's a Dutch white rabbit storybook and cartoon character that's gained a lot of popularity and merchandise in Japan due to her mascot-esque cute aesthetic.

Source: PR Times

But as the household of Japanese mother and wife @chihokesta found out, Miffy merchandise can sometimes require some extra maintenance! As it turns out, if you don't account for Miffy's bunny ears, washing her can be quite the task. @chihokesta recently shared this hilarious photo on Twitter, saying, "My husband said 'I'm going to do laundry. Show me how to do it,' but I have no idea how to do it either."

Source: @chihokesta

The funny scene has put a smile on the face of 444,000 people on Twitter (so far!), although it looks like the @chihokesta family was able to figure things out, as she reported that her husband turned the giant Miffy plushie upside down, tucked its ears under, and set the machine to dry mode after putting in some detergent.

Miffy seems to have made it out just fine, drying off and relaxing in front of the warm comfort of a heater.

@chihokesta was nice enough to give a reference for the large Miffy for anyone who wants one of their own (it's available on Amazon).

By - Big Neko.