The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage, made by Cygames and Bandai Namco Studios for the Mobage mobile social network platform, is a free-to-play simulation game for smart phones where you manage the career of a producer interacting with and training Japanese pop idols on their road to success. The game's latest function takes interaction a step further by allowing players to use AR to insert their favorite idol character into the real world.

The characters are customizable with a variety of different costumes and impressive 3D modeling (after setting a waypoint in you local vicinity for the idol to appear, you can instruct them to perform certain dances or wave to the crowd), but many players on Twitter have been having fun after noticing the clever and sometimes absurd situations in which you can place the idol. Here are a few standout examples of how players are creatively exploring the performances and personalities of these "portable idols"!

A cute, but terrifying welcome

A necessary break from singing and dancing

Even cats are idol fans

Nobody to see you off at the station? These idols have you covered

No! You don't have so much to live for!

Not forever alone with your own private idol concert

Dedicated otaku dancing at its finest

Aspiring idols can have a partner to practice with

Go sightseeing with appropriate attire

Meeting up for a date

If Sadako became an idol

Your favorite manga (or dojin...) characters jumping right off the page

Some people are trying to catch scenic views

Although the main appeal of the game is to enjoy having a more lifelike representation of your favorite idol character to entertain you with performances, whether that be on the go or at home.

The mobile game can currently be downloaded from both iTunes and Google Play, although a Japanese account may be required.

By - Big Neko.