Japanese artist Hikaru Cho has made quite the creative reputation for herself with surreal artwork, most notably her reality bending body painting that sometimes looks more real than real. Her captivating artwork and talent for using the human body as a canvas has translated into teaming up with Samsung, Amnesty International, and Shiseido, as well as a number of exhibitions.

Her latest exhibition highlights not only her mind bending body-paint skills, but a fascination with the animal kingdom. The "Super Animal Exhibition" taking place at Shizuoka PARCO ("Super" in Japanese is "cho", so the exhibition is a play on Hikaru Cho's name) displays over 50 works of the renowned artist, and explores the relationship between humans and animals through a number of fascinating illustrations.

Aside from her wonderful body paint works, the exhibition also features mashups of food and animals, somewhat humorously depicting the links between animals, human, and food. French fry hedgehogs, omelette seals, and even cream puff blowfish are just some examples of this fantasy animal section of the exhibition.

The "Super Animal Exhibition" featuring the work of Hikaru Cho will be held at Shizuoka PARCO. You can find access information below.

Date: August 17 (Sat)-September 1 (Sun), 2019

Time: 10: 00-20: 00

Venue: Shizuoka PARCO 3rd floor special venue

Shizuoka Parco 3F, 6-7 Ashiyacho, Kashiwa-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture 420-0852, Japan

Website: http://tgs.jp.net/event/hikarucho-parco

By - Big Neko.