Perhaps summer so far in Japan hasn’t worked out exactly how you wanted. But there’s nothing like shaved ice to get you instantly in the spirit of the season, and a trendy spot in Kyoto is offering an icy dessert which is perfect for tea lovers.

A new offshoot of long-established Kyoto tea specialists Fukujuen, this modern shop which just opened last year is called Saryo Fukuchu. It’s conveniently located in Kyoto station for any travellers or locals who want to sample some of Kyoto’s green tea mastery.

Their new summer specialty menu items utilise the finest Uji matcha as well as another well loved Japanese taste, hojicha (roasted green tea), also sourced from Uji. There’s three super summery limited time only items to choose from.

Firstly, the aforementioned shaved ice. Kakigori is a traditional Japanese dessert consisting of shaved ice, flavoured syrups, fruit, and other toppings. Fukucha’s creations come in matcha berry, richer matcha berry or hojicha banana. Each one is beautifully presented with various toppings like shiratama and an adorable white bean paste flower.

Of course a teahouse will also offer some exciting beverages. The ‘Uji Tea Fruit Soda’ line contains ‘kabusecha’, a specific type of green tea with a mild taste. Mixed with soda, this refreshing beverage is packed full of fruit and jelly, and is available in either peach or lemon flavour.

Fukucha’s tea lattes, made with carefully selected tea leaves, are the base for the ‘Uji Tea Float’ which has a hefty portion of soft serve ice cream on top, plus traditional Japanese sweet toppings. Uji matcha and hojicha flavour are both on the menu.

Given the current circumstances they’ve also updated their takeout menu for people who would prefer not to dine in. Fukucha’s famous flower-shaped, fruit-filled wafer cakes can now be enjoyed at home too, with strawberry and matcha filling or chestnut and hojicha to choose from.

Another refreshing dessert for the summer which can be taken out is the ‘Green Anmitsu’. Anmitsu is a traditional Japanese sweet, and Fukucha’s version is packed with plenty of Uji tea.

The summer menu will be available from 1st June to 30th September, and more information about Sanryo Fukucha can be found on their website.

By - Jess.