The Neko Atsume VR game is impossibly cute.

If you haven't actually played Neko Atsume (Kitty Collector), then it's very likely that one of your cat lover friends has ranted and raved about the worldwide hit smartphone game to you. The never-ending and strangely soothing game let players set out food and decorate their home with feline-friendly goods to garner the attention of a colorful cast of cats. It's popularity spawned real life goods, a store, and even a live-action movie.

The recent release of Neko Atsume VR, however, has added an entirely new dimension to cat-collecting, and fans of the currently Japan-only PlayStation VR download (PlayStation VR is not required) are going nuts for immersing themselves in the world Neko Atsume!

It really feels like opening up your house to the cats of Neko Atsume

If you're real cat is giving you grief, just throw on your set and see who is in your yard

Neko Atsume VR game tutorial

The game is currently available for download in Japan for 1,944 yen.

The popularity of the mobile game around the world would suggest an English release might be in the works, but just remember, you run the risk of angering your actual cat.

By - Big Neko.