When it comes to favorite meeting spots in Tokyo, few places are mentioned as frequently as the Hachiko statue in Shibuya. With its famous Shibuya Crossing where pedestrian traffic converges in multiple directions at the same time, its eclectic mix of casual shops geared to youth culture, reasonably priced restaurants, music clubs and bars on the one hand, and high-end department stores with countless shopping destinations, not to mention the recent addition of new shopping, dining and office complexes as part of an ongoing large-scale renovation of the Shibuya Station area, Shibuya should definitely be on your list of places to visit when you come to Tokyo.

However, as convenient as Shibuya may be, for tourists who are trying to find their way around or meet each other there, the lack of free WiFi can make the experience frustrating.

The Shibuya Station area is now even more tourist-friendly

Thankfully for tourists and residents seeking to save some yen on their mobile plans, a new service launched this month called Shibuya Wi-Wi-Fi now offers free WiFi across a wide area not only around Shibuya Station itself but also extending to eight of the most popular shopping centers and facilities in the vicinity of the station.

In addition to the Toyoko Line, Fukutoshin Line, Denen-toshi Line and Hanzomon Line areas within Shibuya Station, and outside the station across the entire Hachiko Square, the area around the Moyai Statue and other zones between buildings, Shibuya Wi-Wi-Fi offers service to the eight commercial facilities listed below, with further expansions planned in the future:

If you're reading this article on your way to Shibuya or have just stepped off the train and want to know how it works, please see below for instructions:

By - Ben K.