Kirin’s brand ‘Gogo no Kocha’, literally translated means afternoon tea. This popular range of bottled teas can be seen in everywhere in Japan, in the convenience stores and vending machines, available cold and warm.

The fact they can be bought anywhere makes them seem somewhat mundane despite being tasty, but at the Afternoon Tea Beauty Garden event taking place in Shibuya this month, the teas have been made to look more like fancy cocktails or health drinks instead of vending machine stock.

Afternoon Tea Beauty Garden will be taking place in the event space in front of Shibuya Stream, the fancy new complex by Shibuya station. It has the theme of tea and flowers and was produced by Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design.

There are four new tea creations to choose from, each one using Kirin’s popular bottled teas as a base and transforming them into something unrecognisable.

Berry Blossom

This elegant flower tea uses the slightly sweet ‘Straight Tea’ and combines it with blueberry, strawberry and white wine flavouring. It’s decorated with edible flowers, and despite the wine flavour it contains no alcohol.

Winter Gift

Kirin’s classic Milk Tea (white tea) is given a winter flair with milk foam and crunchy Oreos. The dessert drink is topped with banana and given even more of a creamy texture thanks to ice cream.

Ginger Boost

The vitamin C packed Lemon Tea is made into a health drink with the inclusion of ginger and lemon syrup. Decorated with caramelised lemons, this cold-banisher is the perfect autumn warmer.

Herb and Sharp

Kirin’s unsweetened tea is the perfect base for aromatic herbs like rosemary. The strong tea taste will suit people without much of a sweet tooth.

But all this luxury comes at a price, the bottled teas usually come in at around 150 yen at the convenience store, but one of these special concoctions will set you back 550 yen.

If the price hike hasn't dissuaded you, you can grab one at Shibuya Stream from 16th November to 25th November.

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By - Jess.