During the World Cup this year, the Japanese fans made international news several times due to their efforts to clean up not just their own mess after games, but even the other match-goers’ litter.

In general, the Japanese are very proud of their global reputation for good manners and cleanliness, so the wave of condemnation when this photo emerged was very much expected.

Enoshima is known as one of the closest beaches to Tokyo, about an hour and a half out of the city by train. Its annual fireworks festival draws big crowds to see the sky above the sea lit up by multitudes of sparkling fireworks.

But sadly, after the show when the spectators should be returning home happily, one woman was left feeling disappointed.

The photo she took shows a whole load of litter left on the beach. She posted the picture on her Twitter with the caption,

‘Enoshima. This is Japanese people. If this carries on, there won’t be a fireworks festival next year.’

Although this may look like a usual (but still awful) post-festival scene in many countries, the photo resulted in extreme reactions from Japanese Twitter users, disappointed that Japan’s image will be tainted by some inconsiderate people.

Source: Rinado_ob

Local people were especially incensed that many outsiders come to the area for the fireworks show, only to go back to their hometowns and leave the people of Enoshima to deal with the mess.

This isn't the first time Japanese internet users have been outraged by the messy behaviour of some of their fellow countrymen. Since the yearly tradition of a huge street party in Shibuya for Halloween started, Japanese netizens brace themselves for the photos showing litter strewn streets come morning. But in an effort to redeem the mostly young revellers, a group of young Japanese people started their own clean-up project, personally picking up the trash left behind.

Perhaps the shaming photo of the beach will inspire something similar to ensure Enoshima stays clean every year.

By - Jess.