As nostalgic and fun as it is to return to it, there's nothing that serves a reminder of your aging like the entertainment when you were growing up. It hits even harder when someone of a different generation comments bewilderedly or even dismissively on what you grew up on.

Japanese Twitter user and student Daibutsu KIN (@Macintosh11111) definitely got a dose of that recently, sharing an episode that has gamers in Japan reeling with a pang of "oh man I'm getting old..."

While ridingon the train, Daibutsu KIN whipped out a blast from the past for Nintendo fans, the Game Boy Color, to pass the time. Although originally released in 1998 and discontinued in 2003, the clear purple color graphic handheld is an instantly recognizable classic to those who grew up being saved by it on long commutes or staying up late at night playing it under the bed covers.

Source: @Macintosh11111

While Daibutsu KIN was enjoying a nostalgic game of Pokémon however, a student behind him uttered the words that delivered the aging shockwaves:

"What the heck is that thing? A rip-off of the Switch?"

The question cut deep for Daibutsu KIN, who said they couldn't hide their shock when they heard it. It's not the student's fault they had never seen a Game Boy Color before, but the exchange was definitely an example of how the gap is widening between generations of gamers. The episode made waves on Twitter, with many fans of the classic handheld lamenting the change of times and expressing their fondness for the system:

"What a rude thing to say to the Nintendo Switch's senpai..."

"Kids these days just don't know."

"This is a sign of the times."

"There was a time where this system was cutting edge."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.