Many people outside of Japan think that Japanese people are well-mannered and polite bunch. Although it is not entirely wrong, people do misbehave.

During the Halloween in 2014, young people gathered in Shibuya - the entire city basically became a party house.

As you can expect, there were arrests due to groping or hitting a police officer; riot police unit was dispatched to monitor the situation.

And when the party's over, litter scattered all over the streets despite many people probably taking their litter home. Some people were so outraged that they didn't want to see Halloween party come back to Shibuya again.

Those 'zombies' who were Halloween-ing in Shibuya last night: come back and clean up this mess!! Aren't you guys ashamed? The place smells as if I'm surrounded by food scraps!

However, by lunchtime, Shibuya was all back to normal.

The reason: seniors living in the area as well as young volunteers came and clean up the place. It was raining when they were doing this too. Some people on Twitter said they came to Shibuya to help clean up around lunchtime but it was already so clean they had nothing to do.

Shibuya this morning was terrible, but many people - from elderly people (in more numbers than usual) and young volunteers - worked hard to clean it all up. It seems to be especially difficult as it was raining.

We went to clean up the litter in Shibuya. The messiness was beyond what we expected - I can't believe how people just partied hard and left a mess like this. There were still people in costume walking around - we hope those people ponder carefully about things when they see us cleaning up their mess. We will continue cleaning up the streets.

Whether you live in Japan or not, we have to remember that if the streets are clean, then someone is doing the hard work. So it's important to clean up your own mess if you are in a public area.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.