Special limited-time rare food events in Tokyo have come to be expected, but standout dishes such as the world's first piranha ramen help them from losing their "wow" factor. You can add "nose-pinching" factor to that with a new one day foul-smelling food event in Tokyo--the opening of the Stinky Good Restaurant, where you can eat some of the worst-smelling food in the world.

The one day gourmet event will open up the Kusauma Restaurant (Stinky Good Restaurant), which will offer an all you can eat buffet of dishes known to make eaters flee from the vicinity due to their overpowering stench. Perhaps as a means of coping with the odor, the vent is also all-you-can-drink, which you may need to steel yourself for the surströmming smelling station. Of course, the event's purpose isn't to simply have guests eat a bunch of stinky food, but introduce them to methods of serving the infamous dishes that may make them more palatable--at least to those who can brave the stink and approach the plate to begin with! Here's the stinky menu:

Funazushi Caprese

Funazushi is fermented nigorobuna (freshwater carp from Lake Biwa), and is a Shiga prefecture specialty known to have a strong cheese like odor, and is traditionally paired with sake. At the event it will be served as a caprese and encouraged as a wine pairing option.

Washed Rind Cheese and Fig Crostini Salad

Bacteria attracted to humid and salty conditions give washed rind cheese it's pungent smell, but hopefully partnered with an enticing fig, guests can work up the courage to take a bite and find a flavor the odor does not suggest.

Surströmming Hamburger

Surströmming is often called the "world's stinkiest food", and the Stinky Good Restaurant is fully embracing the gravity of that by turning the salted herring into a full on hamburger!

Stinky Tofu Fritter With Cilantro Sauce

Fermented tofu is not for the faint of heart, but hopefully frying it up and drizzling it with a strong cilantro/coriander sauce makes it more inviting.

Kusaya Lasagna

Kusaya is often called "rotting fish", and its a description with borderline accuracy. Originating from the Izu islands, its fermented horse mackerel dipped in salt water and left to dry in the sun and when served, sometimes appears to be decomposing. Are the layers of lasagna enough to bury the stench? Probably not.

Cheonggukjang Bibimbap

The extra fermented soybean paste from Korea is often compared to Japanese natto, and the restaurant is asking you to mix it up in Bibimbap--hopefully with plenty of sauce.

The Stinky Good Restaurant will open for one day (in two intervals, 12:00 PM-2:00 PM, and 4:00 PM-6:00 PM) at an undisclosed location in Tokyo's Ikebukuro district (guests receive the address upon ticket reservation), with tickets available for 3,500 yen. Guests can try all the foods buffet style along with all you can drink, but only 200 tickets will be sold. Tickets can be reserved on the event's online site.

By - Big Neko.